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Defending Your Rights When It Matters Most

If you are under investigation, have been arrested or need a lawyer to take your case to trial, you can depend on my firm, S. Patrick Dray, PA, in Miami. I am a Florida board-certified criminal trial attorney, and I know how to fight cases to get unprecedented verdicts.

I have built a reputation throughout Florida as a force to be reckoned with. With over 20 years’ of criminal law experience, I am the criminal lawyer people turn to when they need a smart, results-oriented defense.

Proper Guidance Every Step Of The Way

At S. Patrick Dray, PA, I can help you through every stage of the legal process, including the initial investigation process and after an actual arrest. I will help throughout the trial, the appeals process and post-conviction situations. With a military background and a former defense lawyer at a multinational law firm, I have the experience and knowledge you need.

I have helped clients fight criminal charges in both state and federal court. I can help you defend against charges alleging:

I will analyze your case and determine what the best move is. For example, Florida’s “stand your ground” law says that you can defend yourself using deadly force if you are in fear for your life.

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Certain crimes have a mandatory minimum sentence. Other federal charges have certain guidelines that must be followed. I have helped clients negotiate in order to get reduced sentences and seek the most favorable outcome possible.

It’s important to talk to an educated attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Miami law firm at 305-703-0185 or fill out my contact form. I look forward hearing your side of the story and defending your constitutional rights.