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Insightful Defense For White Collar Criminal Charges

Sophisticated crime charges call for sophisticated defense strategies. If you face criminal charges involving fraud or complex financial schemes, your attorney must be able to keep up.

I founded my firm, S. Patrick Dray, PA, with a goal to leverage my talent and knowledge to protect clients against state and federal white collar crime charges. My name is Simon Patrick Dray, and I will effectively analyze evidence and build a thorough defense for you.

I focused on white collar crime at a multinational law firm before opening my own practice in 2004. As a board-certified criminal defense lawyer, I have the resources to take back control of your case from the prosecution.

Work With A Strategic Problem-Solver

White collar crime cases can involve complicated issues, including:

  • Securities fraud and insider trading
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax evasion
  • Racketeering

I will skillfully review financial records, legal documents and other evidence that is vital to your situation. I will scour the facts of your case to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. In addition, I will look for opportunities to reduce any penalties when possible.

I Acknowledge That The Stakes Are High

For professionals, executives and business owners, the potential damage of criminal charges is immense. Jail time and fines are only two possibilities. You may also face irreparable harm to your career or business, seizure of your property, difficulties applying for future loans and more.

Between the short-term consequences and long-term impacts, it is important to contest the allegations with strength and skill. I have extensive experience in both Florida courts and federal courts, and I have a reputation for getting optimal results. No matter how intricate your case may be, I will be ready to protect your reputation, rights and freedom.

Timely Representation Is Essential

White collar crimes typically begin with an in-depth investigation by federal agents or law enforcement. Your rights warrant protection in these early stages of the case.

If you believe that you are under investigation, contact my Miami office as early in the process as possible. Call 305-703-0185 for a prompt consultation at no cost.