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How Federal Courts Determine Penalties

Whether you are under investigation, under arrest or preparing for trial, knowing what you are up against in federal court is crucial. The potential penalties of a federal crime can change your life both now and in the future.

As your experienced criminal defense attorney, I can help you understand the probable sentence for the charges against you – and how to advocate for reduced penalties when possible. When you contact my firm, S. Patrick Dray, PA, I will stand up for your interests and fight to get you the most favorable resolution possible.

Sentencing In Federal Court

Federal judges use a two-step process to decide how to match a sentence to a conviction as follows:

(1) The judge will consult the appropriate Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual and compute the Advisory Guideline Range with the assistance of the United States Probation Office. As your defense attorney, I have extensive experience and have been very successful at convincing judges that the guidelines are advisory only and should be reduced in individualized cases.

(2) Once the advisory guideline sentence is calculated; the judge must consider other factors under 18 USC §3553, or more commonly known as the “3553” factors. I have been very successful at lowering the advisory guidelines to minimize the exposure my client faces; and more importantly, I have proven to persuasively explain to numerous judges why the 3553 factors should be lowered – again – to produce a lower punishment or departure/variance downward from the advisory sentencing guidelines.

In addition to defending you throughout all stages of a criminal prosecution – and arguing for the lightest sentence possible – I will work diligently to preserve your future and freedom as much as possible.

Trust Our Experience In Federal Criminal Cases

I represent clients across Florida and the country in a wide range of federal cases, such as:

My firm has a longstanding reputation for success and depth of legal knowledge. In fact, attorneys throughout the U.S. turn to me for support with their criminal law cases. If you face the challenges of the federal criminal court system, S. Patrick Dray, PA, will be ready to guide you forward.

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Judges do not have to issue the same sentence that the guidelines suggest. That’s because the guidelines are advisory and judges have the power to choose. I have proven to be persuasive and capable of influencing the final decision when it comes to federal sentencing. Call 305-703-0185 or email me today for a free case review today.