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Sex Crime Charges Risk Intense Penalties And Social Stigma

Facing sex offense charges is difficult for many reasons. The penalties can be harsh – even involving life imprisonment. However, one of the most difficult aspects of these cases is the court of public opinion. From the first accusation, it could feel like everyone has already decided your guilt.

Despite what prosecutors, law enforcement or the general public think, I will respect and protect you. I know that you are innocent until the state or federal prosecutor can prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can trust I will stand up for you and your rights from start to finish.

I Will Seek Fairness And Accuracy For You

At my firm, S. Patrick Dray, PA, I am committed to protecting my clients in misdemeanor and felony sex crime cases involving allegations such as:

  • Sexual battery, which includes rape, statutory rape and physical sexual harassment
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution or solicitation for sex
  • Indecent exposure with intent to be lewd
  • Sex crimes relating to domestic violence accusations

In some cases, sex crime charges are complex. For example, cases involving the internet sometimes involve difficult issues regarding pornography, age of consent and more. A defendant might also face domestic abuse charges in addition to sex crime charges.

As a board-certified criminal defense lawyer and I am dedicated to examining all evidence closely and fiercely advocating for your rights. I have extensive trial experience – as well as former experience as a criminal prosecutor in Florida – which allows me to anticipate how the other side will build their case against you.

Gain Maximum Legal Protection

From career obstacles to sex offender registry issues to loss of child custody, the stakes are high. The right approach might help you avoid problems that could follow you throughout your lifetime.

Customize your defense strategy with S. Patrick Dray, PA. Call 305-703-0185 or send me an email to schedule a free consultation. You can expect friendly service and deep legal knowledge.