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Eyewitness testimony troubles

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

An eyewitness could implicate a defendant for a felony crime in a Florida courtroom. However, the eyewitness’s testimony could be highly inaccurate. Various problems might surround eyewitness testimony, which could be to the defendant’s detriment. However, pointing out flaws in the eyewitness’s account may lead to a defendant’s exoneration.

Issues with eyewitness testimony

Although someone says they saw something, they might state inaccuracies in court. In other words, they may have seen a different person leaving a crime scene but feel convinced that an implicated defendant was the person. That does not mean the eyewitness deliberately lied. Sometimes, people are mistaken but truly believe they saw what they saw.

An eyewitness could make a wrong assessment based on several factors, such as poor eyesight or watching from too far of a distance. Nighttime may make positive identification difficult, as might chaotic crime scenes with numerous people and a lot of movement. Inclement weather also causes issues. In some situations, a combination of these noted issues may occur.

Criminal proceedings

A criminal defense strategy might point to the flaws present with eyewitness testimony. In a criminal case, the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Detailing problems with an eyewitness’s testimony could raise more than reasonable doubts. Additionally, the defense may reveal egregious behaviors that indicate a witness is outright lying.

Police misconduct sometimes factors into troubling eyewitness testimony. The police may improperly guide or coerce a witness to make statements. Such actions would violate a defendant’s constitutional rights. Persons convicted because of problematic eyewitness testimony or police misconduct might reverse their conviction on an appeal.

Again, eyewitness testimony is not always accurate. Even though someone claims they saw something, they may be mistaken or lying.