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Forms of identity theft

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Clicking on an email link and providing personal identification reflects a typical phishing scheme used in identity theft scams. Florida residents could become victims of identity theft plans if they are unaware of common approaches. They may also find value in learning about the types of identity theft criminals commit.

Identity theft methods

Identity theft approaches are not always complicated. Sometimes, traditional dumpster diving and trash searching could lead a thief to uncover credit card or bank information. The procured info might then lead to compromised financial accounts. Acquiring personal information, such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers, might result in a thief opening a credit card or bank account in another person’s name.

A thief could use an SSN to work under an assumed name, leaving the victim facing a tax bill. The thief might try to steal a tax refund with SSN information by changing the taxpayer’s address. The identity thief may file a fake tax return under another person’s name to acquire a refund.

Financial gain is not the only motivator for identity thieves. Some explore avenues of medical identity theft. This illegal activity involves impersonating someone to receive health benefits, including using another individual’s private or government-based health insurance. A thief could even procure a new driver’s license under someone else’s name.

Identity theft defense

Persons accused of identity theft may mount a criminal defense strategy to refute the charges. There are instances where a defendant faces false or dubious accusations. Sometimes, the evidence against the accused is weak, or the person might not even be responsible for procuring another individual’s personal information.

Witnesses may lie, or the police could use illegal tactics to acquire evidence. Proving such things in court could lead to the charges being dismissed.