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Cocaine and consequences in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Drug Violations |

If you partake in the use of cocaine in Florida, you should be aware that the drug is a controlled substance. This means there could be severe consequences if you’re charged with possession or distribution.


The penalties for drug charges depend on how a drug is classified or “scheduled.” Schedule I is the most severe and often results in a lengthy time in jail if you’re convicted, while a Schedule V drug is typically held at a lower level. The lower schedules of drugs tend to not be as addictive, which aids in receiving a lesser charge if you’re found to be in possession of them or if you are caught selling or buying them. Cocaine is listed in Florida as a Schedule II drug and is considered highly addictive.


If an officer stops you and you have cocaine anywhere on you, in your vehicle, or in any of your belongings, then you can be charged with possession. You could also be charged if you know about the drug being in a location and do not say anything. A common penalty for possession is revoking your license for at least one year. The court could charge you with a third-degree felony if you’re in possession of more than 28 g of cocaine. A five-year sentence is possible depending on the amount of the drug that you have and your criminal background.

A cocaine possession or distribution charge can be a frightening experience. However, some defenses can be used, such as challenging an illegal search and seizure or an unlawful warrant.