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What to know about domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a serious offense that can result in emotional and physical scars that remain with a victim forever. Although you may think of domestic violence as a man beating a woman, the truth is that women can engage in abusive behavior as well. Florida law provides similar punishments for those who are convicted of this crime regardless of their gender.

Why people engage in domestic violence

For many, domestic violence is a tool to exert power and control over their partners. A desire for power and control may stem from a childhood in which a perpetrator was the victim of such abuse. Alternatively, an abuser may have witnessed others being harmed by others in their household. It’s also possible that mental illness is to blame for an individual engaging in behavior that would strike fear into a romantic partner.

Examples of domestic violence

You don’t need to be struck in the face or pushed down the stairs to be a victim of domestic abuse. In some cases, abusers choose to yell at, belittle or otherwise use words to harm their victims. For instance, they may tell their partners that their families don’t love them or that they don’t deserve to get ahead at work. Over time, a victim may believe what is being said and feel powerless to do anything to change their situation.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, you may spend time in jail, pay a fine or face other penalties. You may also be at risk of hurting your personal and professional reputations. Cellphone records, witness statements and other evidence may help you obtain an acquittal or a favorable plea deal in your case. It may also help you get the case thrown out before or after a trial begins.