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The long-lasting consequences of a Florida criminal conviction

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

The consequences of a Florida criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. You might experience significant and long-lasting effects long after you’ve served your time. However, your experience may vary based on the severity of the crime and its circumstances.

When facing criminal accusations, you’ll likely want a good criminal defense. The consequences of a conviction, even when wrongly accused, will affect your life.


According to the Marshall Project, more than 70 million Americans have arrest records. One common barrier they face is finding gainful employment after serving their time.

Jobs that require handling money, passing a background check or accessing sensitive information are generally not an option for anyone with a criminal background. However, some employment barriers exist because of safety concerns.

For example, a school or childcare facility will likely refuse to hire a convicted pedophile. A nursing home might also have a policy against hiring a convicted sexual offender.


Some landlords perform background checks before accepting new tenants. A background check allows landlords to check a person’s credit history, criminal history, employment history and income. For some landlords, a criminal conviction serves as a red flag. If a background check reveals a criminal conviction, the person might get denied housing.

Social stigma

A past criminal conviction can affect a person’s relationships. Family and friends might refuse to associate with the person. Even if family and friends associate, relationships can feel strained or uncomfortable. The stigma of a criminal conviction can affect all aspects of a person’s social life.

The result of a criminal conviction involves more than time in jail. Even after serving your sentence, you might face serious consequences.